October 5, 2017 — We would like to welcome new residents: Edward H, Nancy P, Christine P and Gilbert S. We are so glad to have you! Welcome to the Hardinsburg Nursing and Rehab family!

Meet the Mailman!

October 5, 2017 — I’m sure most of you know Frankie and have seen him making his way down the hall delivering mail to the residents. If you are sending mail to a loved one or receiving mail here at the facility Frankie will be the one bringing it to you! He makes his rounds daily with a smile... Read More

Oct. 28 is National Chocolate Day

October 5, 2017 — If you always like to accompany your cup of coffee with a chocolate cookie or other chocolate-based treat, you should probably be familiar with at least its three main categories: Most notably used for cooking, Dark Chocolate can contain anything from 30% to 75% cocoa solids. It has a slightly sweet, slightly bitter flavor and... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

October 5, 2017 — Fall is definitely in the air! What is your favorite part of fall? Mine would have to be finally being able to open windows and letting the fresh air in! Many of us also use this time of year to do some fall cleaning! Cleaning out closets, switching out summer clothes for winter and simply... Read More

Happy Birthday!

October 5, 2017 — Residents Janice S. October 12 Avis F. October 14 Audrey H. October 19 Doris H. October 26 Staff Emily H. October 14 Pam D. October 22

Cholesterol Education Month

September 6, 2017 — You’ll often hear cholesterol referred to as either good cholesterol or bad cholesterol. LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) carries cholesterol through the bloodstream, dropping it off where it’s needed for cell building and leaving behind any unused residue as plaque on the walls of the arteries. HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) picks up the cholesterol which has... Read More

Hardinsburg Nursing and Rehabilitation Announces New Medical Director

September 6, 2017 — We are pleased to announce that effective immediately our new Medical Director is Dr Saagar Patel. Dr Saagar Patel is a graduate of BCHS who completed his college and medical school degrees from the University of Louisville. He is the son of Drs. Surya and Meena Patel. Dr Saagar has practiced with his father since... Read More

Special Events and Information

September 6, 2017 — Last month we had a great time at our monthly Senior Center Bingo and Rough River Senior Day Out! We also are now participating in the Breckinridge County Diabetes Coalition!! We would also like to share that we now have a Facebook page! Please follow us and we will keep you up to date on... Read More

Happy Birthday and Welcome!

September 6, 2017 — Residents Maxine F. Wilma F. Dana G. Gertrude R. Pauline H. Staff Amanda Dowell Lauren Fackler Makayla Ramsey Tiffany Sosh Denise Sutton Lacy Watson Welcome! We would like to welcome new residents: Clara C., Sandra H., Georgia K., Opal L., and Nancy P! Welcome, we are so happy to have you join the Hardinsburg Nursing... Read More

Activity Highlights

August 11, 2017 — This month we really enjoyed Mark the Magician coming to visit and blowing our minds with his mysterious magic tricks! A BIG thank you to Johnny Rice for bringing some REAL good food for our residents and staff! We appreciate all you do! Also, we had an awesome time at the Breckinridge County Fair! We... Read More