Gratitude is Great, but “You’re Welcome” is Wonderful Too!

Photo of Thank You Note sitting on table with pen and flowers

You’re Welcomegiving Day is observed annually the day after Thanksgiving, as a way to remind others to politely accept your appreciation. An easy way to think of this cheeky holiday is as though Thanksgiving is the ‘Thank You,’ and You’re Welcomegiving Day is the ‘You’re Welcome’ in polite conversation.

What’s your favorite way to say ‘you’re welcome’?

Here are some ideas on how you can memorably make people feel at ease when you’ve completed a favor:

  • It was my pleasure.
  • I was honored to do it.
  • It was a delight having you.
  • I hope someone will do the same for me, if I’m ever in the same predicament.

Remember, kindness and graciousness encourage each other, and neither will ever go out of style! Make sure to say ‘you’re welcome’ on November 25!

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