Message from Admissions

Hi, this is your monthly message from the Admissions and Marketing Director of Hardinsburg Nursing & Rehab. I have been in my position since July 9th and I am extremely blessed to have the opportunity to LOVE my new role. I am truly proud of our employees and enjoy our residents so so much. My goal as Admissions and Marketing Director is to increase community awareness about our facility and what we do. I have had several opportunities to increase community awareness by having a booth in the Merchant’s building at the Breckinridge County Fair and by attending monthly meetings. We have volunteered to work the Chamber of Commerce booth at the Kentucky State Fair and have reserved out booth at the local Sacajawea festival. As most of you know, Hoe Down Day is scheduled for October 13th from 8am-4pm. We are working together with the Chamber of Commerce and have decided to host a CAR SHOW from 9am-3pm, in our parking lot, on Hoe Down Day. Our residents are really excited and are hoping for a lot of participation from the community. There will be food and a few information booths set up. We hope to see you there! We would like to welcome our new community members to our center. Ann A., Shirley C., Margaret D., and Kelly L. We hope you enjoy your stay and are back to your normal routine quickly.

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