CNA Classes

We are now offering CNA classes in our building at no cost. We are privileged to have Ms. Shartzer, from our local high school join our team and will be teaching the classes. She is very knowledgeable, and it is an honor to have her step in and help make our CNA staff be the best that they can be.

From there the students will then be placed with our CHAMPIONS which are some of our veteran CNAs and KMAs that have been working in our building for a long time. These ladies have earned their position and are a great asset to our building. We have a dayshift team and a nightshift team who will be showing the new students the correct and safest way to take care of our residents. Also, they will learn policies, procedures, techniques, and most importantly dignity and respect.

We want to welcome our new students to our field and hope they have a great future in health care. Thank you to all the CHAMPIONS who are working extra hard to make our building and our staff a little better every day!

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