Letter from the Administrator

It is spring cleaning time here at Hardinsburg Nursing and Rehab. We are all working together as a team to get our resident’s home cleaned up for the summer and would love for the families to get involved. As you all know we have limited space in each residents room and the more organized and free of unused items we can get the more comfortable and safe our residents are. So please come on by anytime to collect old, unused or seasonal items and help us make the residents rooms more organized and feel like home. Thank you so much for your cooperation!

Just a friendly reminder when visiting the facility please be mindful that this is the home of many confused residents. Most of them are not to be outside unattended by staff. If a resident asks to go out please ask them to wait and please notify our staff. The door codes have been changed at this time. There is a doorbell that you can ring for entrance. Also, please limit the number of people in you group who know the code. Ensure that only the people who came with you are the ones to leave with you. We are asking at this time that all visitors use the front entrance to enter and exit the facility. Thank you!

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