Celebrating Fathers Everywhere

grandson, son and grandfather sitting in the park

The worldwide celebration of Father’s Day is made to honor all the fathers who have given strength, support, and love to their children. This informal holiday complements Mother’s Day, and is celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

It is also a special day of the year where paternal bonds, fatherhood, and their influence in society are recognized.  This special occasion is a way to show gratitude to fathers for all their support and love.

Different countries have different ways to celebrate Father’s Day. In Australia, the special day is celebrated on the first day of September instead of the usual third Sunday of June. New Zealand marks the occasion with enthusiasm and charm during the first Sunday of September. In Ireland, Father’s Day happens on the third Sunday of June, the same as the date of celebration in several countries. People in South Africa honor their fathers on this occasion, which is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, by presenting their fathers with gifts.

It is remarkable to know that despite being a relatively new holiday, the observance of Father’s Day in India has been largely acknowledged. Some cultural societies and schools in the country organize a program for the occasion in order to inspire children to respect their fathers. On the other hand, the British make the special day memorable by giving handmade gifts to their fathers. In addition, Canada celebrates the occasion on the third Sunday of June by having lots of fanfare. Canadians also use roses to show their gratitude to their fathers.

In the U.S., the occasion is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Americans reflect on the significant contribution of fathers in shaping the character of their children, as well as to the whole development of the nation. Americans also appreciate their foster fathers, uncles, and stepfathers on this day. The commercialization has a positive side such as raising awareness about the need to motivate children to appreciate their father on this day.

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